Foster Home Application



Length of time at current address:

Which is the best number to reach you at?

Best time of day to call?


If renting, Landlord's name: Landlord's phone number:


Fencing questions do not apply for cat-only fosters since all cats are required to be kept inside.

Does your home have a yard/outside area?

Is it fenced?



Please select type, breed, gender and age of all animals that live in or are frequently at your home:






How many animals do you currently own, including those listed above?



If you have other family members or roommates please provide that information below (name, gender, age). Some animals do better with men vs. women, some animals need a quiet home with no children while others are fine with everyone.


What is your daily schedule? How many hours are you away from home? This helps us match you with the right animal and anticipate needs with getting your foster pet to and from veterinary visits.


Have you had pets before that are no longer with you? Please tell us about them and where they are now:


Please tell us more about what kind of animals you are interested in fostering:

What size dog?
Small (<30 lbs):

Medium (30-50 lbs):

Large (>50 lbs):

What age(s) are you comfortable fostering?

Adult (1-5 yrs):

Senior (>5 yrs):


Special Needs - We will discuss these with you in more detail during your home check if applicable.



Before submitting this application please review and make sure you understand the comments below. We want to built a great working relationship with you to save as many animals as possible!

You are agreeing to only have on your property the personal animals listed above and Dust Bowl Animal Rescue fosters. If there is a change in your personal animals you will notify Dust Bowl Animal Rescue or provide an updated list.

You will not have any personal fosters and will not accept fosters from other rescues to prevent spread of diseases or accidental litters.

You will provide at least 12 hours of time outside of crates for exercise and socialization of any fostered animals each day.

In the event you wish to adopt a DBAR animal the terms and cost of adoption will be discussed and assessed on a case by case basis. An adoption application will need to be completed.