Foster & Volunteer

What is fostering?

A foster is the bridge between the street or pound and a loving forever home - fostering is how we save lives! An animal in need is placed in one of our foster homes where they receive TLC, training, food, and veterinary care until they are adopted. If you would like to foster for us or want to know more about the process read through the application and info packet linked below! We always cover all veterinary costs and can supplement food and supplies if needed.

Foster Application

How do I become a foster?

Fill out an application and then an officer will contact you. We will come perform a home check to see where the foster animals will be staying so we know how many and what size will fit you and your home best. Then we get you a foster animal and you're officially a foster! If you have questions about fostering there is an information sheet included with the application that addresses the most common questions we get asked but you're welcome to contact us as well.

How can I volunteer with DBAR?

Being foster based we do not have a central shelter but we do still have regular needs for volunteers! We can always use volunteers at our adoption events to walk dogs, play with puppies, fill water bowls, and get free puppy kisses! Join our facebook group to be notified of adoption and fundraiser events in your area. Or feel free to send us an email at to see when and where we will be next.

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Lend a Paw

For those that cannot adopt, FOSTER

For those that cannot foster, DONATE

For those that cannot donate, VOLUNTEER!